05 February, 2015

Fun Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

What to Do?

 Even though Valentine's Day is directed at couples, there's no reason that you can't make the day about you and your friends (men included or not). Valentine's Day, is like holiday, in that there is an entire theme and color scheme associated with it. You can use this as a great excuse to create a fun day filled with happiness and fun.
  •  Have a tea party or go to afternoon tea with friends at a Hotel that does it complete with all the lovely delicacies. If you enjoy tea, why not make it an event to remember? Get dressed up, and bring your best manners for some tea and easy conversation with some good friends.
  • Have a fashion show, by having everyone bring lot's of clothes and accessories and playing dress up with everyone. Makeup and hair are an added bonus. You can easily make a party of this.
  • You could also spend some time watching a movie together, or a movie marathon if your all up for it. It doesn't need to be girly a Rom-com, it can be anything you all enjoy; action, intrigue. Bring out some popcorn, or healthier snacks if you are so inclined.
  • An activity you enjoy. This could be something for yourself on your own, or with others. It could be shopping, yoga, some time at the spa, baking, DIYs, there are no limits.

 Seize the day. Whatever you decide to do, make it something that will give you good memories when you look back. Being independent is something to be proud of, and Valentine's Day is a great excuse to pamper yourself, and feel good about who you are.

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