06 March, 2014

Favorite Looks from Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion week came and went so quickly that before you knew it it was Paris Fashion Week. Although it was short is was sweet with some of the best shows so far from the designers. So without further introduction, here is the rundown of my favorite looks from Milan:


Gucci showed many pieces that even the most conservative dresser could find something they liked. The dresses and skirts were not more than just above the knee, and many of the coats were the same length. I love the simplicity of the looks, along with the inclusion of leather and subtle frills to add some texture and interest while maintaining an elegant, and conservative edge. I love the classic coat designs, there is a reason the classics are always in style - because they always look good, even if you change up the color palette - they are flattering.

Max Mara

I'm loving the longer coats. After all the longer the coat the more warmth stays with you, and keeps your legs warm. I don't know about you, but the upper body is usually warm, while the lower body often suffers. So I am glad to see designers have reintroduced the longer length coat. The same applies to longer skirts; longer sometimes is be better, not just for conservative reasons, but for when it's cold outside.

Costume National

Just simple white outfits, with some warm fur to keep warm and chic. I like it. A lot.


I am loving the Japanesse inspired looks at Blumarine. From the gorgeous bedazzling creations with floral designs to the sleek all leather looks. The black and white and  gold pieces are striking and not typical in the least, while others are vibrant and rich with beautiful bright colors that can't help make me feel happy and appreciative of this artwork. This was a fantastic collection, one of my favorites from Fashion Week.

Emporio Armani

Grey, black and white. Armani makes simple elegance so easy to attain. Sometimes less is more, and Armani always reminds the world how great less can look.

Bottega Veneta 

Did I mention I am loving the long coats? I love these classically minimalistic coats. Fur or no fur, it looks good, and that's the way it should be.

Roberto Cavalli

Though I'm not the biggest Cavalli fan, There are usually always a few looks I can find in his collections that I like. The black and white, and grey often monochromatic coasts are what I like best from this collection. I find I can't stop looking at these lovely long coats, that look so warm and cozy.

Jil Sander

Minalimalistc, classic and monochromatic. Can never go wrong with that if you want to look good, which is why I picked these three looks.

Emilio Pucci

As much as knitted sweaters and dresses were everywhere on the runways, Pucci made the nitted sweater (and a printed one at that) look the most chic, the most put together. This is why knitted dresses and sweaters haven't made it onto my favorites until now. Everything about my favorite Pucci looks I like: the colors, the fabrics, the fit, the cut, the shape, the textures, the proportions. I enjoy seeing all the olive greens, the deep browns, the whites and blacks for fall and winter, and here they are.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana know how to make things rich, luxurious and expensive, very expensive. And that’s what they did in this exquisite show. The exquisite beauty and detailing in their show is breathtaking, I always look forward to it, and to seeing what they will come up with next. The grandeur of their clothing and their accessories is like looking architecture from in mansions, palaces, churches, and Crown Jewels in Europe, with the intricate detailing, and colors. Their story of an enchanted fairy tale is lovely, filled with beautiful florals, stunning coats, shoes, bags, and all manner of accessories. No detail seems to have been over looked when it came to creating this master piece of a production.

Salvatore Ferragamo

I am loving the dark palette, the sleek lines and classic shapes of  all the clothes, not to mention the lovely leather bags and shoes. One things for sure, black and dark colors do always look good for fall and winter, which this collection perfectly showed.


So many beautiful pieces, all with a bit of sparkle. This is a beautiful, luxurious collection, having some of my favorite long gowns, embellished just enough, but not too much. I adore jewel toned colors all year, but fall and winter is when they have their time in the spot light, and there are some truly stunning pieces here, none of which i could leave out. Not just jewel toned either, beautiful black s and whites, and just the right amount of embellishments without overdoing it. Lovely, just lovely.

Georgio Armani

This collection has made me consider wearing more grey. More dresses, blazers and pants in grey are a nice neutral. They also happen to be a neutral I neglect, but perhaps not any more as I am liking grey in all its shades from mousy grey to dark cloud greys. Armani also including soft shades, which went well with the grey, I quite liked it.

With some of the most beautiful, wearable and imaginative looks coming from Milan it was a fantastic showing from the designers. I am loving the soft shades brought into fall and winter, the longer lengths of skirts, dresses, and coats that I've seen, it is making me excited for next fall, and spring hasn't even come yet!

Which collection was your favorite from Milan Fashion Week?


  1. Gucci and Emilio Pucci are my favorites. Those dresses are stunning!!

    XO Color Me Courtney

    1. Those brands always have great outfits. Gucci and Pucci are two of my favorite brands to watch during fashion week.