15 April, 2014

5 Quick & Easy Healthy Snacks

I have been working on eating, and snacking healthier lately, as it's been something my body has been wanting me to do, yet when other people are making food for you, it's difficult sometimes to turn it down, especially when I'm hungry. I find that if you buy the right healthy foods, healthy snacking becomes a lot easier. When I'm hungry I want to eat something to that is great tasting, healthy, and keeps me energized throughout the day, as I'm sure you do too. These are snacks in the simplest, most basic, and healthiest way you can have them, and best of all; there's practically zero effort required to prepare them.


Nuts are packed full of nutritious vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre and unsaturated fats (the good fat that the body needs). The protein and fibre will help you feel full, so are great to have as a snack between meals. Nuts provide your body with antioxidants, boost your brain power, provide iron and zinc to supply added oxygen throughout the body. They really do pack a powerful punch for their size, and you don't need to eat too many of them.



 Like nuts, seeds are small but pack a mighty nutritional punch. Filled with vitamins and minerals, omega 3s, protein, fibre, calcium, iron, antioxidants, some are even gluten free. These small wonders keep the heart healthy and fight off disease. Don't wait until it's time to carve your pumpkin for Halloween to eat some seeds, they are available everywhere. Remember, seeds pack a large punch for their size so you only need a small amount every day (a handful or less).



Whenever you have a craving for sugar, you're body is really asking for fruit, which has the natural sugars your body needs. Eating fruit will help with weight loss, give you energy, build resistance against infections, aid in collagen production for healthy skin , fights free radicals , maintains healthy bone mass, cell production, and keeps the body young and strong, among many others.

Aside from washing and sometimes cutting, there is no effort required in having fruit as a snack, especially if you do this ahead of time, so when you're feeling hungry you simply head to the fridge, or basket in the kitchen, grab and go. 



 Vegetables are something you can snack on all day long, and you will not gain weight from doing so, because it has so few calories, but is loaded with nutrition that your body needs. Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants which will help boost the immune system. They are also great for removing toxins from the body as they are rich in fibre which cleans the digestive tract, which then is able to absorb more nutrients.

Vegetables are delicious to eat, eating them everyday will keep you healthier so don't be afraid to indulge with vegetables. Start with your favorites if eating lot's of vegetables is not part of your normal routine. You can always venture out and try new ones later. If you want the maximum benefits from your vegetables, eat them raw. Once things get heated up the nutrients go bye bye. Raw is delicious, and less work to prepare, it's a win-win.



Not just any yogurt - Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has double the protein of other yogurts, without the added sugars, and will keep you feeling fuller longer. Greek yogurt with probiotics helps keep your gut healthy by making digestion easier.  It also has plenty of vitamins and minerals including: calcium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

This is the only option that you can't take with you unless you have a cooler or a fridge to keep it in (unless you eat it within a short time of taking out of the fridge). It's still a great option, and best of all you can grab it and go, no preparation. If the flavor of Greek yogurt doesn't appeal to you, cut up some fruit, such as an apple, or any type of berry to add some sweetness.

The best things about these snacks is they are all healthy and simple. You can mix them all together if you like, or have them separately. And they require little to no effort. Who says snacks have to be meals withing themselves in the time it takes to prepare them? Now, you can spend your time doing other things, while mindlessly snacking away and being healthier for it.

Which of the above do you enjoy snacking on best? What are some quick and easy healthy snacks that you enjoy?

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