23 September, 2014

Work Outfits for Fall & Winter Part 2

Warm & Navy

For those who have more flexibility in their work wardrobe, and are allowed to dress more trendy and casual, these outfits are for you.

18 September, 2014

Work Outfits For Fall & Winter

Grey Season

With so many trends for the fall and winter seasons, it can be confusing for some knowing what to wear without becoming overwhelmed. Add to the fact that you want to look both fashionable and professional, and the process can become daunting when shopping and when putting outfits together from your own closet. So, here are some ideas of what to wear to work, when looking professional comes first, and being fashionable and trendy comes second. I will show you how being fashionable doesn't have to come second.

10 September, 2014

Back to School Outfits: Heading to Class

 Neutal Normcore

For most students heading to class means siting down and listening to lectures and taking notes, so comfort is usually at the top of the list. Being stylish doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort. It is easy enough to dress comfortable, stylishly and even trendy, so you can look and feel great everyday.

03 September, 2014

Trends for Fall 2014


Fall is Here! What trends are in style for fall this year? Well keep reading and you will find out. These are the trends to keep an open eye for, and are easily incorporated into anyone's wardrobe. Some will seem quite classic, while others will be more daring, but either way these are fun to play around with.