27 April, 2014

Spring 2014 Trend to Try: Mid Heels

 I love heels, but what I don't love about heels is how they can seem impractical at times. Whether you have quite a bit of walking to do, or have no room to carry an extra pair of shoes with you everywhere you go, that's where mid heels are a savior. These are in between a high heel, and flats. The heights vary from practically nothing to a good couple of inches, so you can have comfort and easy walking in one pair of shoes. This has to be one of my favorite trends to come out in years. I love the neutrality and practicality of some of these trends, but I think this could be one that saves many girls.

19 April, 2014

Easter Outfit Ideas

It's almost Easter, which means you may be ready to bring out your pastel colors for this spring holiday. Let your style determine what you wear for Easter, whether it be colorful, or elegantly neutral. Dressing chic and stylish comes in many forms. Here are some ideas about how to add some color to your outfit:


Dressed Up

Spring In Living Color

15 April, 2014

5 Quick & Easy Healthy Snacks

I have been working on eating, and snacking healthier lately, as it's been something my body has been wanting me to do, yet when other people are making food for you, it's difficult sometimes to turn it down, especially when I'm hungry. I find that if you buy the right healthy foods, healthy snacking becomes a lot easier. When I'm hungry I want to eat something to that is great tasting, healthy, and keeps me energized throughout the day, as I'm sure you do too. These are snacks in the simplest, most basic, and healthiest way you can have them, and best of all; there's practically zero effort required to prepare them.


01 April, 2014

Easy Date Night Outfits

Have a date and don't know what to wear? Whether it's a completely casual movie date, or a posh outing, a date is one of the most often situations when girls don't know what to wear. It could because we feel we don't know what to wear, or because we feel we have nothing in our closets. Here are some outfit ideas for a broad range of date situations. I hope you will feel inspired.


A Night at the Movies