20 December, 2013

Black is Always a Good Idea

Black is a color (actually a shade) that everyone likely has in their wardrobe, and for good reason. For many professionals, black consists of most of their wardrobe, and looks effortlessly put together and chic when worn casually too. Black is unique for its collective positives that no other color can match. Reasons to love black:

  • Black is a neutral, and as a neutral will always look good with anything.

  • Black is a staple. Investing in classic black pieces is well worth it, as they can be mixed with the rest of your wardrobe, and its diverse color scheme.

  • Black is always in style. If in doubt wear black.

  • Black is effortlessly chic. Black is elegant, classy and sophisticated, not to mention the go-to choice for  professionals.

  • Black is slimming. If you want to  look good, but not sure if a certain color, or shade is flattering on you, black will always look good, and make you look even better by providing a slimming effect.

  • Black is versatile. It goes with everything, ever color and shade, with no exceptions.

  • Monochromatic (head to toe) black looks good on everyone. While other colors take courage sometimes to wear head to toe, not every color looks great on everyone like black does. Black is special that way.

Other neutrals, white, caramel, brown, chocolate, and grey all are great, but nothing is as classic as black. Black is irreplaceable, it's the color you can always go back to and rely on, when you don't know what to wear.  Black is always a good idea, you can never go wrong.

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