17 December, 2013

Decorating Tips 101

As a creative person, decorating is something I love to do, so I thought I should make a post about some basic, but very important tips about decorating, that some people may not know, or they may have not thought about.

Lighting. Lighting is one of the most important aspects in making a room, any room, look good, and allow maximum useability. This is what every budget should account for, getting the right lighting. Buying unique furniture, and accent pieces can wait. The best way of getting good lighting in space is through natural light, of windows, doors, and skylights. If you don't have large windows, or your windows do not let in a lot of light, then invest in some good lighting to get use out of the space. Mirrors, are also great for bringing light into a space when placed opposite a window, as they will reflect light back into the room.

Space. To make the most of the space you have, use appropriately sized furniture for the space. If the room is large, use larger furniture, if it's smaller, use smaller furniture. Mirrors will make a room look and feel bigger, and can be used as decoration in the room.

Color. When deciding on what color to paint the walls, remember dark walls will make the room feel smaller, and lighter colors will make the room look brighter, and feel bigger.

Primer. Always use a primer, before you paint. Yes there are products that are primer and paint in one, but the results are better if you don't take short cuts. Some things should not be combined, and need to be taken as separate steps. If you were to hire a painting company, a designer, a decorator, they would use a primer, then paint. Do it the right way for best results.

Flooring. Floors are easier to clean than carpet, but light carpet and dark floors are higher maintenance, because they look dirty more easily. Lighter carpets will show stains, and take more effort to clean, while dark floors always look dirty, because dust shows up on dark colors more so than light.

Furniture. The same rule applies to furniture as it does with flooring when it comes to dark and light. Dark furniture in all forms of; counter tops couches, tables, chairs, lamps, and decorations will all show dust, while the lighter colors will mask it. So keep that in mind if you are thinking about having high contrast pieces, and dark interior design. It looks amazing, but for some it may be more troublesome with the upkeep than the enjoyment they get from having it. Something else that shows dust easily are cars. if you don't have a black, or very dark colored car, go look at them to get an idea of what your dark floors and furniture will look. Unless they just got washed you can always see the dust, whereas light colored cars don't. If seeing a dark car dirty all the time is something that bothers you, dark flooring may not be for you, especially if its going in a room that will have a lot of light.

Keep these tips in mind when you decorate, renovate, or buy a house. These basics are important to think about, before going head first into a design project, only to be dissatisfied, after you realize, that while some things may look great, they may not suit your lifestyle. Designing and decorating your space should be an enjoyable experience. It's an opportunity to make your space your own, to fit your tastes, your personality, and your lifestyle, so be creative, and have fun with it!

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