03 March, 2014

Best Dressed at the Oscars 2014

My favorite part of any award show is to look at the beautiful dresses every one is wearing. How their makeup, hair, shoes, and jewelry all come together. Here are the stars on my best dressed list from this year's Oscars:

 Sandra Bullock

 Dress: Alexander McQueen Jewelry: Lorraine Schwartz

Classic Hollywood Glamour is the best way to describe how elegant and beautiful Sandra bullock looks. Her gown is gorgeous and suits her perfectly. Her hair is curled and swept to the side for that classic elegant hair style, and her jewelry is elegant and simple to keep the attention on Sandra in the dress. Quite possibly the best dressed of the night because I love everything individually; her makeup, hair, jewelry, dress. I also love how they look as a whole picture, and on Sandra Bullock they all look perfect. 

Cate Blanchett

 Dress: Armani Prive Jewelry: Chopard

Cate also has her hair styled in a classic old Hollywood look that adds elegance to a dress that is not the typical classical elegant dress, but is a more soft elegance that blends in perfectly to Cate's skin tone. Her jewelry goes well with the details of her gown, and they add add a statement to the softness her gown projects, which together create a beautiful harmony.

Amy Adams

 Dress: Gucci Couture Premiere Jewelry: Tiffany & Co.

 The navy dress looks incredible with Amy's skin tone and hair color. I like how the earrings are in an unexpected color, which goes with her hair, and works well with the navy dress, being its opposite on the color wheel. The dress is simple, and her hair is pulled back and away in a old classic style that just works on Amy, in a look others way not be able to pull off so easily.

Lupita Nyong'o

 Dress: Prada Jewelry & Headband: Fred Leighton

I love this dress and I love this color, so gorgeous. It's a tie between this and Sandra's dress for best of the night. The soft full dress, with the long neckline give this an airy simple Grecian or Roman goddess vibe, and Lupita carries it off effortlessly and flawlessly all the way to Oscar gold. I love how the earrings are simple studs, and the headband is a nice surprise that I don't often see other than on Blair Waldorf. 

Charlize Theron

 Dress: Dior Haute Couture Jewelry: Harry Winston

Black is always a good idea, and classy Charlize knows it. The rest of the dress is beautiful mermaid dress, with a sheer skirt and lovely detailing adds something different to this LBD. And who could not notice that stunning necklace - now that is a statement necklace! Which helps detract from the weird shoulder straps which should be either all black, or should change to nude at the armpit area on the dress to give it a nicer aesthetic.

Naomi Watts

 Dress: Calvin Klein Jewelry & Clutch: Bulgari

Looking stunning in this white textured gown and gorgeous jewelry, I love how the shoes are the most simple shoes, in black, not white or nude for contrast. The clutch is a statement piece on its own, yet incorporates black and white to keep it simple and not over done, yet also add contrast and bring in the black and white trend I love so much. The red lip and nails are a classic touch that plays perfectly with this look.

Jessica Biel

 Dress: Chanel Haute Couture Jewelry: Tiffany & Co.
all images from style.com

Chanel is always a good idea, especially when you need something beautiful to wear for a special occasion. The detail and color of this gown is exquisite. The Tiffany jewelry necklace is perhaps my favorite piece from Oscar night. I feel like the hair could be a little more done, but aside from that one of the best dressed of the night.

Who was on your best dressed list from Oscar night? Was there anyone you feel that should be on the best dressed list that was excluded?


  1. Loved Sandra's dress, too! She looked stunning!

    1. She certainly did. That dress went perfectly with her hair and skin tone.