24 March, 2014

5 Easy Ways to Dress Up a Casual Outfit

Want to take a simple outfit and make it look more dressed up rather than dressed down? Whether you are going out on a date, out with friends, or simply want to look more polished and out together rather than causal when you step out of the house, all it takes to transform an outfit is a few pieces.  You don't have to add all of these to your look, although adding a few will make it more dressy and less casual. Here are some quick ways you can add some oomph to your look:

Dress Up A Casual Outfit
Blazer: Joie Earrings: 1stdibs Bracelet: John Hardy Scarf: MarksandSpencer Handbag: Chanel Necklace: Banana Republic Watch: Larssonandjennings Shoes: Charles David


Heels make any and every outfit look more dressed up, not to mention they make you look better by improving your posture, making your legs look longer, and your butt look better. Not to mention it will make you feel better. You will have more confidence like your ready to take on the world and any opportunities that come your way. When slipping on a pair of heels you feel like your on a mission. A mission to be visible not invisible. A mission to achieve not to simply be.

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world"
~Marilyn Monroe

A Blazer

Adding a blazer over something  as simple as a plain white shirt and jeans makes you look like you pulled your look together. Blazers are a stylish, sophisticated and essential for many work wardrobes for a reason. But you don't have to go to work to wear a nice blazer, just put one on when you're stepping out your door. Besides, a nice blazer looks more dressed up than a sweater.


Putting on some jewelry helps complete your outfit, and dress it up. However it doesn't have to be a lot, or anything too large. Some nice small stud earrings, necklace and watch could be all you need. The point is if you add too much jewelry, or none at all you will look like you either didn't finish your outfit, or you over did it. Both of which will make your outfit more casual looking, rather than more dressed up. The key is to add the right pieces to transform and enhance your outfit.

A Statement Piece

Whether you add a beautiful scarf, or a piece of jewelry that stands out, adding a great statement piece to your outfit instantly elevates your look. You don't have to add lot's of pieces, one lovely statement necklace, or scarf could be all you need to put the finishing touch one your outfit. After all, there's a reason they say that accessories can transform your look.

A Great Handbag

A handbag will contribute to the overall look of the outfit, so don't over look it. If you want to dress up your look, the handbag should also look the part. One aspect to look out for is a bag with structure, as it has a clean, crisp, refined shape and structure compared to a slouchy bag that sags. A structured bag looks more polished, thereby helping you to look more polished.

Personally I love the feeling of looking more put together and looking more dressed up, or even dressy casual rather than simply casual even if I am not going anywhere important. I find that putting in the extra effort makes me feel more confident in myself, that no matter what I am doing, and whoever I meet or run into I am dressed and ready for any opportunity that may come my way. I get the feeling like I am on a mission, I will accomplish things and good things will happen, not only because I feel good, but because I am open to them. I don't know about you but, I'm pretty sure we all feel like we want to be more invisible when we aren't looking like we tried that day. When your so casual, you don't care, it feels like we're limiting ourselves to what can  happen that day when we're not dressed for going out, but just instead for bumming around.

What are your thoughts and suggestions on dressing up a casual outfit?

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