11 October, 2014

Fall & Winter Must Have: Leggings


I don't think it can be said enough just how useful leggings are during the fall and winter months. So much so, that they are a must have. If you don't have them then you don't know what you're missing.
Leggings are so versatile, and I truly believe a fall and winter staple. Leggings are such a versatile fashion piece, that they can even be worn as pants (provided your top covers your butt). Although, because they aren't pants they can be worn many other ways as well. They can always be worn underneath other pants to provide an extra liner to keep your legs warm. They can be used under skirts and dresses, to keep your legs warm, and prevent your skin from drying out due to the harsh elements of the weather. You can also wear them to simply lounge around at home. In fact, many people do just that once they get home, they change into leggings to relax.

Leggings come in a wide array of colors, fabrics, and patterns. They come in more classic shades and patterns, and even more fun and wild assortments to fit every interest. I personally prefer the neutral tones, for maximum flexibility when creating outfits, but feel free to experiment for yourself.

image source: Nordstrom 
Leggings: Zella

You can also wear workout leggings such as these Zella ones pictured above. These are great, because sometimes a girl needs that boost of confidence of looking good in her work out clothes in order to exercise, or just for general self-confidence. This is really important when working out in public places, and not the privacy of your own home. Now, if all you have is workout leggings then you can wear them while lounging around at home. You can be comfortable, and maybe, just maybe, because you are already wearing them you will feel motivated to work out. A Win-win.

If you don't already have some, now is the time to get some. Even if  you only start off with a couple basic black pairs that provide warmth. Once the cold weather hits, you will be happy you did, and your legs will be too.

Do you enjoy wearing leggings? Do you find them a wonderful luxury for your legs once the weather drops? 

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