15 October, 2014

Lounging & Leisure Outfits for Fall & Winter

Leisurely On Trend

When the weather drops nothing feels quite like being warm and comfortable with some warm tea to relax and enjoy yourself. Whether you're on the couch or hair with your computer warming up your legs, or drinking a cup of tea, and curled up in a warm blanket reading a book. Or, maybe you're more ambitious than that, and are organizing the house. Whatever you choose to do, doesn't mean you can't look and feel stylish, while remaining comfortable at the same time. After all, this is the twenty-first century.

Grey Lounge Style
Top: Proenza Schouler Cardigan: Monki Leggings: NIC+ZOE Bracelet: Calvin Klein Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider Earrings: Adele Marie Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Wearing some cozy loafers to keep the feet warm is an essential when one is without heated floors. Since you're not going out anywhere special (or anywhere at all) it's great to keep accessories to a minimum. Sometimes a little gives you a sense of completeness to your outfit, without over doing it when you won;t be leaving your house. Wearing your favorite, or sentimental pieces is a great time, because you have the time to reflect and take notice that you;re wearing them. A watch is always great, that way you can stay on track no matter where you are, or what you're doing.

Leisurely On Trend  
Sweater: H&M Pants: Uniqlo Earrings: Etsy Bracelets: Tai Watch: Timex Slippers: Kate Spade  

Some slippers are always welcome in the cold weather. If you don't have a pair of moccasins, then grab your slippers. When lounging around at home, comfort is usually the most important thing when deciding what to wear. Some loose fitting pants don't constrict you anywhere, making them perfect leisure pants. While dark neutrals go with everything, you can brighten up your look with some color. Pale colors are great because they provide color and make the outfit more cheerful, without being too much.

Black Leisure
Top: H&M Sweater: Barbara Bui Pants: Casall Earrings: Whistles Watch: Michael Kors Necklace: Lacey Ryan Moccasins: Mukluks

Many people love to wear their yoga pants, or any work out pants all day long, and around the house. Some put them on as soon as they get home. They are great for lounging about at home. They are comfortable, they are flattering on the body, and they mean you don't have to buy a separate pair of pants to lounge in, therefore saving you money.

When dressing comfortably and stylishly even at home, minimal accessories are best, unless of course you feel wearing them boosts your mood, and motivates you to get things done. In that case, do it. What do you wear when you're relaxing at home?

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