01 April, 2014

Easy Date Night Outfits

Have a date and don't know what to wear? Whether it's a completely casual movie date, or a posh outing, a date is one of the most often situations when girls don't know what to wear. It could because we feel we don't know what to wear, or because we feel we have nothing in our closets. Here are some outfit ideas for a broad range of date situations. I hope you will feel inspired.


A Night at the Movies
Top: Dorothy Perkins Pants: River Island Jacket: French Connection Bracelet: Dorothy Perkins Handbag: Florian London Earrings: Dorothy Perkins Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes: Ganni   

Heading to the movies, a carnival or somewhere else that’s very relaxed and casual, means just that - be casual, and most importantly - comfortable. A nice pair of great fitting pants, or jeans with a nice blouse, or dressier top and nice leather jacket keep the look comfortable and casual. The top adds some femininity with the lace and polka dots and has an elegant to it that elevates the look. Ballet flats, while feminine and elegant, are more low key than heels. The accessories are practical, but not overbearing on the outfit, again keeping it subtle, and low key. The handbag adds a touch of personality, color, and interest to the outfit.

A Nice Dinner

Dressy Casual
     Blazer: Topshop Bracelet: Miadora Necklace: Dorothy Perkins Earrings: Talullah Tu  Handbag: H by Henry Holland Shoes: Iro Staccia Top: Jacques Vert  Pants:  Yves Saint Laurent  Watch: Dreyfuss Co      

Going out to a restaurant, wear something dressy casual, not simply casual, even if it’s not a fancy restaurant. This look works great for those that have to wear a suit to work. If this is someone like you, then you are already dressed you can go as you are, Or you can change your top to something more like this. The lace is feminine, and flattering as its a wrap style top (think the universally flattering Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress). Also you could wear a skirt with this if you prefer, although nice dark wash skinny jeans or pants are also fine. Since this is more of a dressy casual occasion I suggest heels as they are flattering by enhancing the way the body looks. No need to go crazy with the accessories a few pieces are all you need with this outfit.

A Really Nice Dinner or Night Out

A Lovely Dinner
  Watch: Citizen Coat: Stella McCartney Dress: Hervé Léger  Shoes: Lipsy Earrings: Kendra Scott  Bracelet: Evans Clutch: The Gathering Goddess (Vintage)     

When going out to a top tier restaurant or event, such as going to the opera, or the theatre, dressing up is part of the dress code, for the most part, so make sure to dress up, not dressy casual, but dressed up. For that reason, wear a nice, and decent length dress. A beautiful coat that would look elegant, and keep you warm is an important piece to have. Heels are pretty much expected, I say go for the classic colors as they will go with anything, and you will then need fewer pairs. A small evening clutch or small handbag is best for a date. Add some lovely jewelry, but no more than two pieces of statement jewelry, along with an evening watch to complete the look.

Daytime Outing

 Picnic in the Park
  Coat: J.Crew Handbag:Tory Burch Bracelet: Lagos Flats: Billini Dress: Ted Baker Heels: Tory Burch Earrings: Body Central Watch: Kate Spade    

Let's face it, at some point you're going to be having dates during the day time, not just during the evening, so I had to include it. Spending the day together, or even just some of the day, yet can still transition seamlessly into the evening. A nice dress and coat, depending on the weather are classic beautiful pieces that are flattering, because of their emphasis on the waist, while having a longer length which keeps this look classy and work appropriate should you need it to be. Your choice of shoe, whether flat of heels will depend on what you'll be doing, or what you prefer (or take, the flats in your bag). The accessories add some color, and fun to the outfit, while a great watch is always good to have (in case your phone dies).

While getting all dressed up for a date can be fun and exciting for many of us, also keep in mind the occasion, and where you're going and what you'll be doing, because not every occasion calls for a nice dress, and pair of heels. Most importantly, wear what makes you feel comfortable, because if you put something on and feel uncomfortable, then your date can sense that on some level, and neither of you may have as good of a time as you might have if you had worn something that makes you feel good. That great feeling you have when you wear something and feel comfortable and confident will radiate out from you, so wear what works for you. The most important thing about the date is having a good time, so dress to have a great time.

Tell me, what are your favorite types of dates when you go out? Do you prefer more casual dates, or do you like going out somewhere you can really dress up?  

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