28 May, 2014

Fashion Habits to Break

 Many of us have fallen into the pack of what others around us are wearing and doing, without thinking for ourselves that it may not be the best idea, in terms of fashion, style, or our health. It's time to ditch these habits, and make life easier, and better for ourselves.  

  • Wearing high heels all the time, and wearing shoes that are uncomfortable, give you blisters, or wreck havoc on your feet. Wear comfortable shoes. You're feet will thank you now, and in the future.
  • Buying too many trendy pieces. Unless you have the money to waste on lot’s of trendy pieces, buy only a few. It will be out of style before you know it.
  • Buying things because they are on sale, even though you don’t need them, or like them that much. You should love everything you buy. That way you will enjoy wearing it, and feel better, and more confident wearing it.
  • Carrying too many things with you in your handbag and your travel bags that you don’t need and don’t use. Not only are you carrying around dead weight, you are doing your body, your shoulders,your arms, and your back harm.
  • Buying bad quality items. Asses the quality, the stitching, the material,and the label to see the quality. Invest in good quality pieces especially for neutrals, essential pieces, and work wear. Spending a little more money at the beginning will save you money long term by not having to replace it, if it falls apart.
  • Showing your panties and bra straps in public. Unless you are in the most relaxed, casual of situations and environments, find multi-way bras, and tops to cover them. You will look more put together. 

Some of these habits are easier to break than others, but by staying on top of it continuously, we replace the bad habits with good habits, for a better, healthier lifestyle. You deserve to look and feel good about yourself, don't you agree?

What are your worst fashion habits? Any other fashion habits can you think of that need to be broken? 

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