03 May, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day just around the corner, and with it being the one day where everyone buys flowers, because everyone has a mother, but not everyone knows what to get her other than flowers and a card. Here are some ideas to help make the decision making process easier. But, no matter what, make sure to keep your mother in mind, what she likes, what she could use, or what she likes to pamper herself with.


This should go without saying. Flowers are beautiful, smell nice, and make people feel good. Wouldn't you want your mother to feel good?

Earrings: Swarovski Necklace: Tiffany & Co. Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Scarf: Athena Procopiou Wrap: Canyon Rose Candle: WoodWick Picture Frame: Argento SC Handbag: Ted Baker Wallet: Tiffany & Co. iPad: Apple iPad iPad Case: Barbour Camera: Canon 


Something that is her style, and simple is often best because he can wear it often with many looks is usually the best way to go. A simple piece of fine jewelry (depending on your budget, and what she likes), but I would say go with something of good quality, an simplicity to maximize how often she wears it. Stick to what she likes to wear, earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, or watch. Also stick to the colors she likes; silver or gold.


A must have accessory that comes in an array of colors, patterns, sizes, and budgets. Think about what colors look good on her, and what colors she enjoys wearing. In her favorite color or pattern would be great.

Spa Related

Whether it's a day, or weekend at the spa, or a at home machine for soaking her feet in after a long day, something that is relaxing is most appreciated. Something more budget friendly could be socks with aloe to wear after moisturizing to lock in moisture, or a relaxing candle to enjoy with a bath.

Picture Frame

Thanks to, or unfortunately (depending who you ask),because of cameras and cameras on phones, people have lot's of pictures of themselves. But since everyone likely keeps a few good ones, maybe print one out and put it in a nice picture frame. There is also the option now, of getting digital picture frames, where you can load lot's of pictures, either way she will love it.

Handbag or Wallet

These get used extensively, so invest in a nice one for your mom. The great thing about a great wallet is it van also be used as a clutch during the day and when going out at night.


A new camera, a new tablet of some form, or perhaps a case for them could be just what your mother wants.

One of Her Favorites

This could be a favorite restaurant, brand, activity, book, author, flowers, etc. She will love that you remembered, because it makes her feel extra special when she gets something she already knows is a favorite. Don't we all?

Mother's Day is almost here, so be sure to order, or pick up your flowers early to get the most selection and the best flowers. Also start thinking about her gift, and pick it up as soon as you can to avoid disappointment at the deadline. With that said take some time, even if it's only a phone call, and sending a card with some flowers, to your mother, and wish her a wonderful day.

What gift ideas do you have for Mother's Day? What do you like to do for your mom to make her feel special?

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