18 September, 2014

Work Outfits For Fall & Winter

Grey Season

With so many trends for the fall and winter seasons, it can be confusing for some knowing what to wear without becoming overwhelmed. Add to the fact that you want to look both fashionable and professional, and the process can become daunting when shopping and when putting outfits together from your own closet. So, here are some ideas of what to wear to work, when looking professional comes first, and being fashionable and trendy comes second. I will show you how being fashionable doesn't have to come second.

Treading Carefully

For the business professional that must dress conservatively, having a short leash on what is appropriate work attire.

Grey Season

Dress: Reiss Earrings:Ippolita Necklace: Cato Bag: Giorgio Armani Shoes: Steve Madden  Blazer: Reiss Bracelet: MANGO Watch: Anne Klein 

Grey is an under utilized shade and neutral, that works wonderfully for spring and summer in addition to fall and winter. Adding some texture with the exotic skin bag adds interest to the single shade palette. By keeping the shade the same through the entire outfit, you create a uniform ,and professional look. Silver jewelry looks best with light grey, and white pearl necklace adds an elegant statement. Although nothing in this outfit stands out much from anything else, you yourself will standout from the crowd, despite wearing head to toe neutrals.

Splash of Color
Top: NIC+ZOE Blazer: Helmut Lang Pants: Emporio Armani Coat: Dolce & Gabbana  Bag: Yves Saint Laurent Earrings: Kate Spade Necklace: 14th & Union Watch: Daniel Wellington Shoes: Prada

Sticking to black and white is the go to work wear staple for a reason, it always looks good, and goes with everything. When you decide to incorporate some color into your accessories you can rest assured any color you add will go with the rest of your black and white outfit. Adding some vivid colors with jewelry, or scarves is a great way to add trends and personality to your look. The earrings are simple studs to keep the attention on this amazing necklace. Adding a statement earrings and a necklace would be too much, especially in a more restrictive environment.

Getting Creative

For a more liberal working environment where dressing professionally is expected, but are allowed more fashionable and trendy outfit options.

Business Chic
Top: Equipment Blazer: John Richmond Pants: Topshop Coat: Next Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Earrings: HipHopCloset  Watch: Kate Spade Gloves: Lanvin Bag: Yves Saint Laurent 

Wearing classic black with rich gold accessories always look great on their own. To add a little more interest, add a pattern or vivid color. Leopard is a big trend this year, but it is also a classic pattern, so having an odd piece or two in this print is never a bad idea. If you don't feel comfortable with this much print, start with a shoe, or belt. With the blouse being a heavy pattern and a focal point near the face, a necklace is not necessary. Some lovely gold jewelery compliments the outfit. The beige coat is a nice deviation form a black coat, and still goes effortlessly with the rest of the ensemble.

 Working on the Neutral Side
Top: Vestiare Collective Skirt: Malene Birger Blazer: Forever New Coat: Burberry  Bag: Tod's Shoes: Christian Louboutin Earrings: DiamondWave Necklace: Chanel Watch: Olivia Burton Gloves: Portolano Cuff: Jeweliq  Bracelet with Knot: Nine West Bracelet with Design: Tiffany & Co. 

This look is all about neutrals, without being plain and ordinary. You won't be dressed like everyone else, if you wear something like this, with different patterns and textures, which create lot's of interest. Neutrals are always good in a work environment, and gold is classic, elegant, and always adds a richness to an outfit, while perfectly complimenting the colors of the outfit. Even though the outfit consist entirely of neutrals, they are all slightly different from each other which helps the outfit stand out, while still blending in when need be.

Looking professional while indulging in trends, and versatile pieces can be an enjoyable and creative experience, so long as you know the rules of what is appropriate and acceptable and what is not. So make sure you know what you can get away with before you wear it to work. For that reason, I would suggest if you're apprehensive to start with accessories, that way you can always remove a scarf, earrings a necklace during the day, instead of feeling uncomfortable wearing a  particular piece of clothing all day long.

I hope this gives you some ideas and inspires you to dress to kill, but more importantly, dress to make yourself feel good while heading out to work. How lenient is your workplace when it comes to what you're allowed to wear? Do you find dressing for work confusing? Are you able to enjoy lot's of leeway when it comes to dressing for work? Or, is your work place slow in adapting a more flexible work attire?

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