20 January, 2014

Classic & Chic Black Outfit Ideas

I love to wear classic clothes, and black is as classic as it gets. Always in style, always elegant, no matter the occasion, black will never let you down. It gives you a confidence when you put it on, the sophistication of black is truly timeless. Here are some outfit ideas I have for an all black outfit, along with a winter feel to it by keeping the accessories white, silver, and blue. Black with silver and white aesthetic, for a classic, sophisticated, yet modern look.

Classic & Chic Black Outfit Ideas
Dressed up: Dress: Diane von Fursetenburg Earrings: Tiffany Necklace: Majorica Handbag: Chanel Ring: Here Shoes: New Look 
Dressed down: Top: Splendid Pants: J Brand Earrings: Wetseal Necklace: 1928 Watch: Vince Camuto  Handbag: Saint Laurent Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Both: coat: Reiss

Dressed Up

While getting dressed up this winter, black is always a go-to essential, so much so that the little black dress has become known simply as the LBD. A lovely lace dress adds a lovely feminine touch to the dress. The white pearl drop earrings, and simple peal necklace keep the look elegant, lady-like, yet expensive and luxurious which will make the outfit, and the dress look more expensive. The leather handbag matches the dress, while the hardware is sliver to keep the look for subtle, matching, wintry, and modern. The lovely Chanel keeps the whole look as elegant and beautiful as any handbag could ever hope to. The shoes are classic Jimmy Choo leather pumps, perfect compliment to the outfit keeping the attention higher up.The sapphire blue ring is the statement piece of this outfit with its vibrancy and stunning deep blue color, yet still maintains the wintry look of this look.

Dressed Down 

Black is versatile, and effortless to create a sophisticated look, that it is perfect even when you're dressed down. For this next look, paring black skinny pants, with a warm turtleneck top will keep the warmth in when the temperature is not. This look looks elegant and chic already, but to complete the look, it needs accessories.

The black duffel matches the outfit, yet is big enough to carry everything  you can need no matter whether you're shopping, or traveling. The black ankle boots blend together with the outfit, the boot will help keep you're feet warm, and the 1 inch heel will provide support and comfort for your feet all day (and all night), because the heel is not to flat (which can cause discomfort for some), or high that it will cause discomfort for anyone. The boots are also a classic black with a nice equestrian detailed buckle. The earrings are a silver to keep the look subtle, and understated, yet the bows add a pretty cute feminine touch, and some personality. The long layered necklaces are in a similar color scheme to keep the look modern, yet add some interest to the black and blank silhouette. A ceramic white watch matches finishes off the look, while the white acts as a pope of color and contrast with the black, with a little sparkle too.

The long black coat, goes perfectly with both outfits. It is simple, showing no embellishments, or buttons of any kind. Just simple, clean lines for a conservative, and classic look. The long length of it keeps the heat in on cold days and nights, so it will cover the length of the dress on the left, while also looking elegant, and appropriate for wearing when getting dressed up, as well as more casual circumstances and dressed down, but adding a more dressed up look and feel to the dressed down outfit.

I love the simplicity, and versatility of black, despite how many people feel about it, I love it! It's a staple for a reason.

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