14 January, 2014

Maximizing a Minimalist Wardrobe

Sometimes I look through my wardrobe, thinking I have nothing to wear. But, when I change my negative thoughts into positive ones, I realize that I do in fact have many things to wear, it is simply a matter of being inspired, and creative in achieving a new look with what I already have. You can do the same, it's a matter of being positive and creative.

The first step is to look through your wardrobe and see exactly what you have. Maximizing your wardrobe can be a life saver if you have a small closet, or are revamping your wardrobe and don’t have a lot to spend. When shopping, consider before every purchase, what that piece of clothing (or accessory) will go with the wardrobe you already have (how much will it mix and match with all your other clothes). A great way of figuring out which pieces you wear the most often, and which pieces get over looked, is to put your hanger backwards after wearing that garment. This way you can quickly spot which clothes have not been worn, so you can either wear them (or get rid them if you don't want to wear it anymore). Should you choose to take it a step further you could also take a piece of paper put it over each hanger of the clothes that you wear, and write a number on it, after each time you wear it, that way you will know exactly which pieces get worn most of the time, and exactly how many times. This is great way of discovering which pieces of clothing you could buy more often, because you know for a fact that you wear it quite frequently.

Another matter to keep in mind is stick to solids, or minimal patterns. The reason for this is to maximize your  wardrobe the most. You can buy solids (especially if they are neutrals) and wear them lot’s and, people won’t notice how often you wear it. But if you wear say a floral pattern dress it’s more evident you are wearing it, because it is more memorable to people. On the other hand, if you have lot's of neutrals, then you can wear them all the time, because they are simple enough to make you memorable wearing them, and not the clothing itself that is memorable. The same rule applies to shoes. If you have neutral, more simple shoes they can be worn more often, in comparison to a more trendy pair which will be dated quickly.

Whether you have many clothes that are minimalistic in design, or minimal in quantity a great way to get the most out of the clothing you have is with accessories. You don't have to necessarily buy new clothes to change up your look, instead try getting some different accessories. By Accessorizing with a variety of jewelry, scarves, and belts it is quite amazing how an outfit can be transformed into a new look. Style something up for a night out, or keep it more conservative, yet chic for the daytime. The possibilities are there for you to be inspired and use your creativity.

Having a minimalist wardrobe doesn't mean you can't have different stylish looks, it means you have the chance to be more creative in putting them together. Be positive, think of yourself as a maximizer. You maximize every garment, and accessory you have, and you have the most opportunities to enjoy every piece you have. What do you do to maximize your wardrobe?

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