09 January, 2014

Organize and De-clutter Your Life

With the start of a new year, I think about all the things I want to accomplish, and while thinking about those things I take a look around and realize that a great way to start the new year is creating a more productive work and home environment. It is a positive way to begin a new chapter in life.

Once you organize everything, and clean it out, you will feel cleansed yourself, for having sorted out one area of your life. I find that organizing boosts my mood, as I feel more confident about starting, and accomplishing other goals. It will also (most likely) be one less thing on your mind, because I know most people want to get organized in the new year, and it is a great goal, or resolution to have. Do this with everything that needs an overhaul, or a quick tidying up. This can include everything in your house, or only a few of the more common areas that get out of hand, which may include your closet, drawers, office space,  wardrobe dressers, your night stand, magazines, and books, your handbag, your car, or your storage spaces.

By getting rid of things that you don’t need, or use, and random junk you will be cleansing your home and environment, helping you to re-evaluate:
  • what you have
  • what you use
  • what you don’t use
  • what you like
  • what you don’t like
With these things you don’t use, like, or need any more you can donate, sell, or giveaway to someone you know could use it. Once you’ve done this you will feel great. You will have accomplished something that needed doing, re-evaluated your priorities of what you need and want, while organizing to help you be more productive in your day-to-day life. By getting rid of material items that don’t serve your life, and organizing your spaces you will have accomplished a goal already, which boosts your confidence, and makes you feel ready to tackle other goals. Start the new year off right, by organizing your life.
I wish you the best of luck in all the tasks you undertake this year.  May this year be the best year yet!

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