07 January, 2014

Sales Shopping in January

Shopping the sales in January is an excellent time to pick up items that you need at excellent prices. In my last post I talked about how to prepare yourself when going sale shopping, now I am going to talk about what are some great items to pick up in first sales of the new year.

As a rule of thumb, for best deals, buy off-season for clothing (along with other items too). As stores make room for their incoming spring collections, they continue to slash prices on fall and winter clothing and accessories. During each season, (in this case, winter) you have probably realized what you needed during these cold months, so now that the end of the season sales  have hit, you will know exactly what you need. If you didn’t have warm gloves to keep your hands warm,  then you know to buy gloves, so when next winter arrives, your hands won't freeze. For the best selection, shop early January, as end of January will have limited options.

  • Fall/winter clothing, shoes,  accessories, and any other fall and winter products, as they prepare to bring out spring merchandise.
  • Holiday decor, and specialty packaged gifts made for Christmas gift giving that can be a good buy, are even better as they get discounted after Christmas.
  • Since most people make a resolution to get healthier, and be in better shape in time for the swimsuit season, every type of health related product seems to be on sale right after the holidays are over. Fitness equipment, winter athletic clothing, and healthy foods are on sale all month. If you wait until spring and summer they will go up in price.
  • If you need bedding, linens, mattresses, January is the time to buy them. Never pay full price for those bedding items, (or towels) they always go on sale, and January is the best time to make the leap and purchase them.
  • New cameras are released, so you can get a deal on the older models.  As for cell phones, well if you want to get one (and perhaps one for someone else), then now is a great time to keep your eyes and ears open for January and February deals when providers come out with great deals for Valentine's Day.
  • If you're looking for a new car, then this is a great time to buy one, as dealer's try to get rid of their older models, to make room for the new ones.

Although the selection will be less than you may like in some cases, if you keep looking for those specific products, you would be surprised at the great bargains and products you can find.

I wish you the best of success shopping the sales this season, and the best of success for this new year! Happy shopping!

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