04 January, 2014

Shopping the Sales

After Christmas comes Boxing Day, and boxing week sales, and after the New Year comes January sales. January and February sales are some of the best times of the entire calendar year to buy what you need. While Boxing week is great, it’s mayhem. Besides, January and February are better, with merchandise being reduced further than Boxing week sales, with discounts reaching 80%!

Shopping online is getting better and better, and best of all you can do it at any time. Shopping in store, is an outing, and nothing compares to seeing, trying on, and feeling items before you buy them, especially when there are no returns on sale, or clearance items. People often don't think of this, because they believe they are getting such a great deal, or it's not that much money, so it doesn't matter. Be warned though, that sales, and clearance has a psychological effect on your brain. The words 'sale', 'clearance', and numbers with percentages along with other phrases such as 'buy one get one free' are all key words and phrases that change your mood into thinking you're getting a good deal. While sometimes the deal is good, sometimes it isn't, or at least, it's not that good. When you see those signs, your feelings change, and you're more willing to open up your wallet. Don't be fooled. It's only a good deal, first of all if you need it, or really like it, because it's exactly what you've been looking for, and secondly if you will use it. So here is some advice when shopping the sales so you can stay focused, and not allow your mind to be manipulated into spending money simply, because something is on sale.

  • The best way to avoid getting carried away when shopping sales at this time, is to concentrate on a list of items that you need, and check stores and prices before going, that way you know where to go, so you can maximize your time with the things you are genuinely interested in.

  • Have a budget in mind (this is especially useful if you want to curb your spending), and stick within it.

  • Only get items that are perfect for you. That is to say it's everything you wanted, don't settle for something so-so, you will regret it later. If you see something and you think you love it, but were never looking for that item, resist buying it, you can always go back. In my experience if it's a fantastic find, you will constantly be thinking about, for hours and days after you left it behind, where as if I stop thinking about it after I leave, then I know I was right to leave it behind. Most of the time, getting away from the shopping atmosphere is enough to clear your head, and snap you back into reality. It's only a good deal, if you will make use of it. Think about that before you buy something.

  • Last but not least, wear comfortable clothing that you can walk around in, change quickly, and effortlessly, because there is nothing like being ready to go shopping, then having to leave because something you're wearing is making the experience unbearable.

Shopping the sales is exciting, everyone loves a good sale,  so do yourself a favor preparing yourself beforehand, so you can get everything you want, and nothing you don't. When that happens, not only do you enjoy your shopping experience exponentially, you also enjoy all your purchases afterwards, with no regrets. That's the best type of shopping experience there is.

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