17 January, 2014

Keeping New Year's Resolutions

Already finding it difficult to keep up with your new year's resolutions? No matter what resolutions you're trying to keep, here are some things you can do everyday to help you to keep them:

Before You Fall Asleep

If you want to get up earlier, or wake up in a more pleasant way then hearing the alarm clock blasting then consider trying this: before you go to sleep every night tell yourself what time you want to get up at. It really is as simple as it sounds, because the body doesn't want to be harshly awaken by a loud noise, or loud music, it prefers to wake up calmly. If you tell yourself to get up at a certain time, say 6 am, then you will find that you will be waking up a little bit before that time, to prevent being disturbed by the alarm that is set for 6. This may only take a few days, or a few weeks for the body to wake itself up and that time, it all depends, every one is different. I'm not as much of an early riser as some, so getting up that early everyday takes  longer for me to achieve, then it likely will for most. Give it time, it really does work.

Once You Wake Up

In the morning, think of a few things you're grateful for, or think of what you want to accomplish (perhaps that new year's resolution to exercise every day). When you wake up, and think about that, knowing you should get up and exercise, go do it. The mornings are the best time to make exercise part of your lifestyle, and daily routine, because 1. it will wake you up, 2. it will make you feel energized, and ready to start the day, 3. you will find it easier to incorporate daily, because later in the day you are busy, and things come up, and it doesn't get done.

Write It All Down

Every day write down what you do (it's so important I wrote multiple posts on it: Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle: A Food Journal, Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy Foods, and Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle: An Exercise Journal). In order to see your progress, how frequently you stick to your goals, writing it down (or using an app) works best. Say you want to exercise more, writing down what you did, what time you did it, every time you exercise is a great way to maintain goals, and make them part of your every day routine. Not only that, but every time you look at it and see that you missed a few days, will motivate you to start-up again,and every time you see how far you've come,and how consistently you've been doing it will give you the confidence, the motivation, the pride, and the positive feelings to keep going with it. Writing everything down is one of the best ways to accomplish goals and change your life for the better. Writing down puts your goals out there where you can see them, making you more accountable, because they are in the external environment, not just internally jumbled up in you head with all your other thoughts, where it can be quickly forgotten as the next though comes in.


Have Constant Reminders

Being constantly consciously reminded of something you have to do will increase your likelihood of doing it. Have reminders, or sticky notes on your phone, computer, and around yourself to remind you to work on your goals. While writing everything down may be helpful and enough for some, for others they need the extra reminder that is more intrusive in their every day lives to remember to do them. So set those alerts to a higher propriety level everyday. It will irritate you, but it will force you to get results.


Always Reward Yourself

What's one of the best ways to train an animal to do something? By giving them a treat. The same technique can work for you, it's called positive reinforcement. Every time you exercise, or eat healthy foods as opposed to unhealthy foods, you reward yourself with something you like. Keep the reward as something smaller so you will be able to reward yourself with it everyday, and multiple times a day, (which you will be doing once you are consistently engaging in the activity). A great treat to give yourself could be adding 5 dollars into a jar to save up for a trip you want to take.

Tell Someone You Can Count On

Telling someone you know will keep you honest about your goals, and resolutions, as they not only will give you  tough love, but encouragement and motivation to continue on with it no matter how hard it gets. They can also be your confidante when you need someone to talk to, and can be working on the same goals as you are, so you in turn may be their support system. This process can bring the two of you closer together, with a strong and positive relationship.

One of the most important ways to accomplish goals, and keep resolutions is to stay positive, no matter how hard life, and those goals seem at times. Keeping a positive outlook will keep you motivated to tackle those challenges head on, allowing you to become  successful in all aspects of your life.

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