23 January, 2014

Classic & Chic Black Outfit Ideas

Continuing on with a black outfit theme, the looks here are all about a nice pop of red, with some gold to give a classic, rich, elegant look to both outfits. With red being such a bright, vibrant color, it's important to keep the amount of red in each outfit to a minimum, to keep it subtle, and therefore elegant. This is not to say that you cannot look elegant in lot's of red, or any other color, because of course you can. I am referring to outfits that are mainly black, with only a subtle touch of color to outfits, because sometimes it's nice to be noticed, without being noticed.

 Black Elegance & Radiant Red
Work Day: Scarf: Coast Earrings: Marc by Marc Jacobs Necklace: H&M Blazer: Topshop Top: Great Plains Skirt: Whistles Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag: Alexander McQueen Shoes: Jimmy Choo    
Day Off: Retro Rosie Earrings (sold out), similar: Earrings Bodysuit: Joi Moi Skirt: H&M Hair Bow: Forever 21 Handbag: Chanel Scarf: Here Watch: Ann Klein Bracelet: Natures Jewelry Shoes: Christian Louboutin Coat: Fashion Union
Both: Gloves: DKNY

Work Day

For the work day outfit I kept everything, except for a few accessories all black, to show that if you have lot's of black in your wardrobe, how incredible an outfit can look with just a dab of color and sparkle. Small gold heart stud earrings are subtle, professional, yet add some prettiness to the outfit, without going too far, or being to obvious to others. The statement gold necklace adds some sparkle, and interest to an otherwise black ensemble. The black blouse and long pencil skirt are office appropriate in color, cut, and style. The classic black blazer completes the black outfit, keeping the look, professional, conservative, and understated. The watch is a great accessory to have, it's jewelry with function, and keeps you punctual (which always looks good in the workplace). The colors of the watch, keep it understated and elegant. The  long wool coat, which is a classic, professional looking coat is conservative enough for any workplace, yet stylish enough for any event. The handbag is large enough to hold work papers, and other essentials one might need, while is simple, elegant, and will go with everything. Classic black leather pumps, and black leather gloves complete this black outfit, while the red scarf, will provide the splash of color when heading outside to help keep the warmth in, and a pop of color out.

Day Off

For a day off from work, I feel like one should dress up and look glamorous. It will give your confidence, and attitude a positive boost, not to mention you will look amazing.  Your days off are the  times to wear all those great outfits you have, that may not be appropriate in the workplace. Dress up, be glamorous, even if its only for yourself, you are reason enough to get dressed up for. I hope this helped explain why I chose this outfit for a day off, instead of something more casual.
Now onto the outfit. This black lace bodysuit works great for wearing under skirts and pants, because there is no bulk to tuck in. This top has a beautiful feminine detail with the lace, and bow at the collar. The skirt is a classic shape, yet is chic and modern with the leather look of the fabric, a great way to add a modern twist on a classic outfit. The lovely Chanel ladies bag is both beautiful, and functional. The beauty of this bag makes the outfit look more expensive, and dressy, while its multifunctional strap can be adjusted to be worn as a clutch, a cross-body, over the shoulder with one long strap, or over the shoulder with two shorter straps. The gold hardware on the bag, adds a richness to the look, as does the gold chain wrap watch, and the onyx bracelet. The jacket adds a luxurious texture that goes well with the rest of the outfit, and contrasts nicely with the leather gloves, and the skirt that show while wearing the coat. The pop of a few red accessories give life, and radiance to this outfit, by placing a red bow in your hair, lovely feminine red rose stud earrings, and black shoes with a red sole  provide a nice touch of color to the back of the outfit, not just the front. The black polka-a-dot scarf completes the look, adding some personality and white contrast to the outfit.

Black is the most versatile color one could have in their wardrobe, especially if one is color shy,  prefers classic neutrals, or simply wants a black wardrobe. I hope this inspired you to see that even with an all black wardrobe, a few accessories can really change up a look. Now, what do you think about dressing up and looking glamorous even on your day off? Do you think it's worth the extra effort?

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